The Chewing-Gum

Brush" on the Go!

"Prevents" and "Reverses" gingivitis due to timeless Brushing & Flossing! (Proven) 


Chew-Floss movement..

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The extra soft and fine pointed bristles of the brush reach between teeth and molars and curl deep in the Gum pockets, sweeping out food debris and bacteria buildup. "Brush & Floss" in one movement  

The Chewing gum brush 

"In addition to the fresh taste and the teeth cleansing and whitening character of the Chewing-Gum-Brush, it is primarily the gums that benefit from it. "There is no better solution for gingivitis or bleeding gums, as it has the nice Gum massage function" 

After use, the chew brush can be disposed of. Swallowing is not allowed. The chew brush may be used more than one's, but when the bristles are chewed flat, the effect is less, the reason why we should chew the brush in a gentle manner. The brush is the solution for brushing your teeth in the interim.  Some are excluded from use.  "Children up to ten years of age, children with braces (adults can use it) and children who change teeth and molars should not use the chew brush". But otherwise, campers, business people, drivers, midwives, marines, (soldiers) and the disabled or anyone else who has no time or opportunity to brush, or like to chew a healthy chewing gum, can use the chew brush."  Also for our students who just don't feel much for brushing, but still like

to chew nonchalantly a nice piece of gum, might be a step in the right direction of clean teeth and healthy gums(source: )

The Chewing-Gum-Brush, is made of FDA accepted flexible, chew-able long-lasting material. Its FDA "Food" approved, and recyclable. It is a playable item and can be chewed like chewing gum, making the brush a "no -hands" manual massage device. You can move it around (water and hands-free) with tongue and teeth enjoying the movement of gentle chewing like a piece of gum. It prevents tooth plaque build-up, activate the saliva, and maintain fresh breath like normal teeth brushing would. Besides proper cleaning teeth and gums, studies reveal that gingivitis will prevent en even healed, due to the massage function by using it a prolonged length of time. 

It is nice to do, like chewing a piece of gum, while the fresh minty taste lasts 5 times longer than chewing gum does. The long-existing taste is kept for a long time due to the inter-molecular-space as a hold-fast for the natural flavor. Even after hours, the taste is still noticeable. Water and or toothpaste are not needed as the flavor and Xylitol gives it a super fresh long-lasting boost to it. Also, people who have difficulties (some disabled people) to brush their own teeth, has now the liberty and a solution to personal teeth brushing in their own tempo and precision they like. 

Not all people love to chew ordinary chewing gum. Only 35 to 45% of the people like to chew ordinary gum regularly, while children like to chew up to 50% or more.  But chewing the Chewing-Gum-Brush is different as the awareness is all about a positive result, and most people like it instantly.  Using the Chewing-Gum-Brush will clear-up and your gums will stay conditioned. In the begin use the brush slowly and gently, and do not overdo or "over chew" it at the start.   

The Chewing-Gum-brush is chewed gently, used playfully around teeth and gums. It provides you more time to massage the gums. The Chewing-Gum-Brush can be used for health & fun, or for health purposes only. This way even when you do not like to have it for fun, you can use it for a deep clean boost so now and then and preventing gum infection. For kids the Chewing-Gum-Brush can be used from 10 years and up, after a nice and close introduction. It is not recommended for very young kids, although we know it is used by younger ones as well,  but only under close supervision.  (Do not swallow the brush). 

When used correctly it cleans braces in

between and implants underneath the

gum-line/connection and gum-pockets. 

The reason why it is more effective in

general is because unlimited time of

flossing and brushing.  The new ergonomic

product up-lift makes it works better in detail.

The bristles are ending thinner than 0.05 mm, cleaning out most debris and bacteria. After chewing one bag of (12) brushes you will be the "chewing-gum-brush expert" in using the NEW  "Brush and Floss on the GO".  

Better ergonomic design. The Chewing-Gum-Brush was improved for a better floss function. The smaller new ergonomic design makes it easier to use and makes the speedy circle-motion, while the long soft bristles are able to curl deep into the gum-pockets using a soft scraping and sweeping movement for an optimal cleaning effect.   

​The Chewing-gum-brush is now available in the US and Europe and is distributed through different e-shop platforms. The Chewing-gum-brush comes with clear instructions and can be used daily. 

The Chewing-Gum-Brush is a Patent Pending Product. 

Happy chewing   

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