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The Brush & Floss is a hand and water-free chew brush that will

assist everybody with their daily dental care for optimal oral maintenance.


We all like to keep our teeth as long as possible, without too many trips to the dentists right?  

Brushing and Flossing are Prime, and a very personal matter as our teeth are the first we show off when we smile…   “Our teeth are our first social impression”


Increased dental maintenance is recommended by all dentists as we all brush to less on average then advised, and the way we floss is even more worst. With the Brush & Floss, we keep teeth clean and  white, and we have fresh breath every time of the day.  In addition to oral or Dental maintenance, chewing the brush also has a calming and relaxing effect, which is highly appreciated by many users. It can be used, in the car, behind the desk or pc, hiking or just when relaxing. 

Regarding safety and effectiveness, this brush has been medically tested and you can read underneath the results of this study. This study was conducted in Japan, among older people, with particularly very good results in the effect and the acceptance of the brush. The material used is Dupont Hytrel, FDA approved, recyclable and is sold as an "OTC" over the counter product. (No prescription needed).

For the On-line Internet-sales organizations and companies like yours, we have set-up a simple manner of “on-line wholesale purchase", for stock orders when required, or for individual ordering direct by your clients. (At this time only available in the US. Stock orders are international available).  Your clients will receive always a 10% discount when ordered on the site advised by your company, while the difference of that order in wholesale will reflect your affiliate account. (Your affiliate account is secure and you can follow the growing activities).

For your site information, you can download your needed information & pictures from our site.  When required, we have more HQ resolutions pictures who we can send you to your webmaster on request.  


To organize your orders as an affiliate, or to order direct, please follow the few steps in the affiliate program  "Click HERE"  after which you and your clients can order including the pre-set discounts.
(10% off for your client, and 35% off as wholesale price). From there everything will go automatically.  

Step 1. Order your sample with 35% discount. 

Fill in your discount code: “B&F Test-order” when ordering. 

Step 2. Review your product.

Step 3. Sign-up as an affiliate and receive your account code.

Step 4. Download the web information for the presentation .

Step 5. Order your stock, or your client can order individual (drop shipping) 

For more information, pls just use our answering form, "Click HERE" and we will be back to you. 


Thank you for your time.  

                   Team Brush & Floss on the Go©

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