1- Is the brush safe to use?  

          Yes, the brush is used for many years in Europe by many people. Using the brush is even safer than a piece of chewing gum or a candy, as it is more detectable in the mouth. The safety of the brush is demonstrated by this scientific research among elderly people in need of help. You can have a look @: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16305007  . It is advised for children using the brush starting by 10 years old. Although some people let younger people use also, with close "parental control".  Do not swallow the brush.

2- For whom is the chew brush intended

The chewing gum brush is developed to increase the time we maintain our teeth in general. This way it is intended for anybody who likes to brush and floss longer than usual. Aside from this, it turned out, that their many people with difficulties with maintaining oral health benefit from it more than intended. People who extra benefit from it are people with certain disabilities,  people who are bound to their bed, long or short time, older people in general, and children who have difficulties brushing their teeth.       

3- You say that the Chewing Gum Brush prevents and heals gingivitis. 

           Yes, after the brush was produced, research is done in the University in Nijmegen Netherlands, and the Dutch Society for the Promotion of Dentistry at the Institute for Periodontology indicated that gum disease (Gingivitis) was prevented and cured within a short time by daily use. 

4- Who developed this product? 

           The chewing Gum Brush was developed by a Dutch and German dentist to increase the time of brushing our teeth in a joyful manner. Every Dentist recommends brushing and flossing our teeth regularly, but we do not give enough time for it in general. After testing the brush unexpected it turned out that Gingivitis was prevented and even was healed due to increased gum massage and more regularly deep cleaning.    

5- I am allergic to latex. Is there any latex in the product.

           No, the product is produced from a 100% latex-free material and is FDA approved material. 

6- Can I over-use the brush? 

            In general, too much of something is never good. Using the brush for 10 to 20 minutes two times a day would be sufficient for maintaining the teeth and gums. Depending on how you chew (using the brush) implicate how long you can use it. Healthy conditioned gums can not be over brushed with the soft bristles brush. Like nature takes care of strong gums and tells you; you are able to bite or eat raw food like carrots, apple, raw vegetable and so on, healthy gums do not bleed. Your own natural sense (feeling) will tell you when you should stop chewing or you can go on.

7- I can only suffice with the use of the Chewing-Gum_Brush? 

              Research suggests that using only the chewing-gum-brush is equivalent to using a normal toothbrush. In some aspects, it cleans even better, depending on how it is used. Experts in the use of the brush can brush and floss while chewing. 

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