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Perhaps you did already read about our product, but the 

"Brush & Floss©" is the hands and water-free chew brush that can assist your patients with their daily dental care for optimal dental maintenance. Also, people who have physical difficulties

maintaining their teeth, or younger who forget to brush so now and then, are very pleased by using the "Brush & Floss"on the go.

Your healthy advice "brush and floss©" more often, is now made possible, without too much effort, as we can do it now anywhere anytime. Advice for more dental maintenance is still recommended because most of us brush too less on average, even less than one minute a day, research shows. The way we floss is even worst. With the Brush & Floss we help to keep teeth clean and white, and our breath fresh every time of the day when required. The flossing aspect is working by more experienced users, but extra flossing before sleep is still recommended.  In addition to the maintenance, chewing the brush also has a calming and relaxing effect, which is highly appreciated by many users, in the car, behind the desk, pc, and just when relaxing.  With this in mind, it will be a positive and healthy experience for all of us. 

Regarding safety and effectiveness, this brush has been medically tested and you can find underneath the results in the attached studies. One study was conducted in Japan, among elderly, with particularly very good results in the brush effect and the acceptance of the brush. The second single blinded randomized study was done among 60 children from 9 to 13. The material used (Dupont-Hytrel©) is FDA approved, 100% recyclable and is sold as an "OTC" over the counter product. (No prescription needed).

When recommending the brush to your patients or clients, we have set-up a simple manner of “on-line wholesale purchase". (Individual ordering at this time only available in the US.)  

When your clients order online, she or he will receive always a 10% discount, when using your affiliate code. The difference of the orders and reorders in wholesale will reflect your affiliate account. (Your affiliate account is secure and you can follow on line the growing activities).

Step 1. Order your sample with 35% discount, and use your one time discount code: “B&F Test-order” when ordering. The 35% is then deducted.

Step 2. Receive and Review your product.

Step 3. Sign-up as an affiliate and receive your account code.

Step 4. Download the leaflet for your patient's product and order information.

Step 5. Order your stock for in your clinic (if appropriate), or your client can order individual

on the site.  (Drop shipping) 

You can download and print out a letter-size leaflet, "Click Here" for your patients with product and order information and the 10% discount code. 


To organize your orders as an affiliate for the brush, please follow the few steps in the affiliate program

 "Click Here"  after which you and your clients can order including the pre-set discounts. (10% off for your client, and 35% off as wholesale price). Everything is controlled and will go automatically and and runs continuously until canceled on your end. 


 Team Brush & Floss on the Go©

Study Plaque removal with the chewable

brush  (Children 9 to 13 years) (Click HERE)

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