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Brush & Floss
on the Go
3 bags of 12       36 brushes 
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Brush & Floss
on the Go
6 bags of 12
72 brushes 
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Chew & Floss
on the Go
Extra-Soft   bristles 
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Convenient prevention:

The handy solution to "Timeless" Flossing & Brushing? The Chew-Brush was developed by the Dutch dentist Sir. Goldsmit, who introduced the convenient prevention of Gingivitis and Periodontics making it a joyful daily habit, to solve a problem (gingivitis) faced by over 46% of adults all over the world. 


In  General:

Ordinary Chewing gum as a piece of soft rubbery latex gum or polyethylene is doing not much for the health of our teeth and gums. Even worse, when you chew a sugar-flavored gum, we even feed the germs who create plaque resulting in more cavities and gingivitis over time. "Brush & Floss on the Go..." combines the joy and health in the chewing-gum sensation. Research shows that nowadays more people prefer to chew a "Brush & Floss on the Go..." , instead of chewing ordinary chewing gum.

  • Care4Breath.  This model Chewing-Gum-Brush is available in extra long and soft bristles and long-lasting (hours) taste. The flavoring is all natural, and the brush is coated with powdery Xylitol for a more germ eliminating effect. (Scientifically proven). The long-lasting taste and Xylitol will help freshen breath and strengthen gums. Xylitol is a natural healthy sweetener, that improves healthy gums and kills germs which cause tooth plaque. A minimum on bacteria, in gums, maintains fresh and healthy breath.

  • Healthy gums.  The average time that people are brushing is less than one minute per day. This is too short. Like all tissue in the body, our gums need oxygen. By promoting good blood flow due to proper massage, the gums stay healthy. Here the Chewing-Gum-Brush comes in. While gently chewing and moving the Chewing-Gum-Brush around teeth and gums, the soft bristles will clean the teeth and gum-pockets (deep) and massage the gums as well. Blood flow increases and gingivitis or periodontics will not have a chance to develop as we can brush and floss our teeth for a prolonged time daily. 

  • Plaque removal. The Chewing-Gum-Brush is equipped with over the total length of soft triangle-shaped bristles. This shape is responsible for the soft scraping and spooning (sweeping) like effect. Even strong adhesive tooth plaque and tarter will decrease by chewing the Chewing-Gum-Brush over time. Once the plaque and tartar are gone, you can maintain your teeth by chewing the brush now and then.  Use it when you relax,  read a book,  behind the PC and all other moments you like to do it.

  • No hands needed. The brush is highly appreciated by mothers when kids do not like to brush, and by people on the go. For people with a form of disability, and people at field work and night shifts… 

        This Chewing-Gum-Brush is a Patent Pending Product.     
       WARNING:   Once you start liking it, you never stop ! 
Happy Chewing!
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